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Our Story

We want as many people that can be touched to know:

You are not alone.
There is hope. 
Keep going.
Keep fighting!
You are seen.
You are heard.
You are loved!


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First off - THANK YOU! 

Thank You for visiting!
Thank You for taking interest in this movement!  
Thank You for wanting to love people!

Thank You for wanting to help people!

In 2018 our 16 year old son, Brady, died by suicide. 

We were devastated.  Heartbroken.  The why's.  No signs.   

We knew something needed to be done after Brady's death. 
We like the "positive" & message of - YOU MATTER. 

We decided to get some signs printed and some wristbands.
We weren't sure if people would want to help in this movement. 
Boy were we surprised! 

People are hurting. 
People are wanting a way to talk about depression and mental illness. 

We feel You Matter's piece to this big puzzle is to plant the seed to talk about those uncomfortable subjects.  
To that Parent (it was me) who doesn't know how to talk to her kids about suicide.  
To those little ones who can ask the adults "what does You Matter mean?"
To the older generation who is ashamed to talk about depression...
Our hope is to make those uncomfortable conversations a bit easier to have. 

Any donations or monies received go back into awareness.  Awareness is so important and we feel that is our piece in this puzzle. Donating signs, wristbands, sending out care packages, other items and our time is how we feel we can be the most helpful to others. 

Although we do not understand why any of this has happened, we are still choosing to trust in our Lord. This world is broken and hurting. Our mission is to spread hope WITH YOUR HELP to hurting people all around the world with the message that,
"It's Not Weak To Speak"

"You Matter."

Brady's Mom

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